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Medialogia is a leading developer of media monitoring systems and social networks. In real time, we collect data from the media and social media - tens of millions of messages per day. The data entering the system undergoes multi-level processing, during which in a matter of minutes the classification and clustering of messages is carried out, keywords are highlighted in the texts, metrics are calculated, linguistic algorithms are worked out, sentiment and other characteristics are determined.

As a result, customer reports receive up-to-date data on the mention of certain concepts in social media - objects, brands, personalities. The same information is used to build analytical reports on a wide range of topics. The described capabilities are implemented by means of a distributed high-performance heterogeneous system, which includes both its own developments and licensed application software.

Leading commercial companies, federal ministries and departments, and regional administrations use Medialogia products. More than 40 thousand publishers at the federal and regional levels deliver their content 24x7. Around the clock operation of the system is supported by 250 employees: development engineers, linguists, analysts, media and PR experts.

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Profile updated 5 October 2020