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MavenMagnet, a multinational market research company, uses big data to uncover consumer and market insights across a broad cross-section of demographic and psychographic segments. The key advantage of their research methodology is that it does not involve moderation of discussions or questions. Instead it uses the conversations that the consumers are having on various online platforms with their friends and family to gather insights.

MavenMagnet’s proprietary technology platform aggregates and contextually analyzes data from a wide range of dynamic sources including the social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, and more broadly to include communities, forums, blogs, chat rooms, press, etc.

With offices in Mumbai and New York, MavenMagnet conducts research at both the corporate and brand level for Fortune 500 companies as well as higher education and non-profit organizations. The actionable insights are used in a wide variety of applications including brand equity, brand reputation, competitive analysis, consumer journey, communications planning and tracking campaign effectiveness.

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Profile updated 19 May 2016