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Luminoso is a language understanding company. Our proprietary conceptual engine—born out of a decade's research at the MIT Media Lab—analyzes vast quantities of text in seconds. By understanding the fundamentals of human language, we derive insights and conclusions that are critical to enlightened decision-making.

As a conceptual engine, all content is equal to us. Luminoso doesn't just work within narrow categories; we create categories based on what the text tells us. We take any form of unstructured text—emails, news stories, research results, social media rants—and identify the ideas, patterns, dot-connections, underlying themes, and buried intelligence.

Luminoso's nuanced understanding goes deeper than the surface layer of sentiment analysis, giving decision-makers new tools to act more quickly and intelligently. Whether you’re trying to understand what consumers are really saying about your product, or whether a viral video is about to cause serious reputation damage, or if apple is a happier flavor than grape, Luminoso shines light where there was darkness.

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Profile updated 16 April 2014