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LocoBuzz is an analytics-based integrated marketing platform. Our offerings include digital strategy, content strategy & marketing, brand reputation management, response management, rich data analytics, campaign management, lead generation, infographics and social media apps. To summarize, LocoBuzz is a one-stop shop for all your digital marketing requirements.

LocoBuzz Online Reputation Management (ORM) platform implements keyword-based listening to collect and monitor buzz created around a brand in the entire digital universe. We also offer remarkable engagement features to manage responses from within the tool.

Our social media marketing and campaign management is handled by an enthusiastic talented team who comes up with fresh innovative content and campaign ideas; which enables high engagement on social media platforms. Using our strategies, brands get more visibility, customer engagement and leads through social media platforms.

LocoBuzz takes immense pride in providing solutions to the best brands in different industries.

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Profile updated 25 July 2019