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In their own words

KB Crawl keeps you informed by watching the Web for you.

If you are an intelligence professional or knowledge worker, stop wasting time looking for information on the Internet! Enterprises of all sizes and public organisations can keep abreast of strategic watch information and save time by automating the external website monitoring process.

KB Crawl automatically collects, filters and delivers to you information from websites. So you can :

  • Keep an eye on competitors
  • Track news and press articles in the media
  • Be alerted to patents, innovations and developments
  • Stay informed of new regulations in your industry
  • Learn what customers say in blogs, forums and on social networking sites
See a few examples of KB Crawl software monitoring the visible and the invisible Web.

And with the complete range of services, the KB Crawl team will help you set-up a strategic internet monitoring system.

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Profile updated 13 October 2020