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In their own words

InfiniGraph takes your brand’s social audience and turns it into a living, breathing, real-time focus group. What will the collective insights of the thousands or millions of fans teach you? What content should your brand post? What other brands does your audience interact with most? How does your brand compare to its competition and what are the industry benchmarks?

What It Does
We find what content is trending with your audience based on their behavior with other brands and the content that’s working from them. From there, we can help your brand establish its benchmarks of what a successful content marketing campaign looks like, and give you a roadmap showing you:

  • What content types are working and why
  • When this content should be posted and how often
  • What levels of engagement are the best brands getting and why they’re successful?
How It Works
InfiniGraph looks at the big data of content interaction, processing billions of likes, shares, retweets, clicks and comments between hundreds of millions of fans over hundreds of thousands of brands.

Why It's Valuable
If your brand believes content marketing is valuable, InfiniGraph gives you the actionable insights to make informed decisions based on the interactions of your very own fans. It’s like adding a thousand analytics professionals to your staff - we’re distilling a staggering amount of data into something that has been proven to increase engagement at least 30% for our customers.

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Profile updated 22 April 2014