New York, NY, USA

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The HumanGeo Group specializes in innovative software and analytics to enable geospatial data fusion and big data analytics for decision support, defense, and intelligence solutions. We utilize cutting-edge data analysis techniques to quickly and effectively simplify complex challenges, solve problems, and spot opportunities for business leaders. We are highly-skilled big data technologists and top-tier intelligence analysts from the most elite military and intelligence organizations.

Innovative Technology. We use predictive analytics based on machine learning algorithms and a vast Google-like data storage & retrieval system to create information advantage for our clients.

Geospatial Intelligence. Our proprietary models of geospatial information create location context for strategic forecasting and analysis.

Real-Time Analysis. We conduct persistent collection & analysis of hundreds of data streams in real-time, identifying anomalies and opportunities for critical decisions.

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Profile updated 14 July 2016