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European leading tool for Content Discovery and Social Media Monitoring. Built for newsrooms and community managers by partners of Facebook & Twitter.

  1. Discover Great stories. Predict the next ones.
    GraphyStories is a content discovery tool: get to know the most shared articles on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Linkedin. Anticipate tomorrow's news today thanks to our predictive technology.

  2. Build unique stories. Embed valuable sources.
    GraphyStories is a unique news builder: discover which sources are being embedded in the articles of the most successful media sites, from Youtube videos to tweets, via Instagram pictures.

  3. Monitor your social performance. Optimize engagement.
    GraphyStories is a social media monitoring tool for content marketers. Follow the performance of your articles on social networks. Compare your performance with your competitors. Optimize you rank on your market.

GraphyStories is supported by Facebook FBstart, the European Commission and the Belgian public-service TV & and radio broadcaster.

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Profile updated 28 September 2020