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Communication without limits.

Gnatta allows businesses of all sizes to listen and speak to their customers on an individual basis, quickly and effectively via one single interface. Enabling customer services to be handled at scale, Gnatta ensures operators can be agnostic towards communication channels, reacting to tweets, Facebook messages, SMS messages, email, marketplace and review sites without the need of deep channel knowledge. Gnatta also provides a comprehensive suite of analytics giving users a greater understanding of what their customers are saying about them.

In today’s modern times the need to communicate with consumers across multiple channels simultaneously has been the drive to build Gnatta and which has led to the software being used across the globe and being recognised by the CCA Best Technology Partnership 2014 award.

Whether you’re looking to better understand and listen to your customers, improve your customer experiences across all channels, seeking a third party customer service provider or planning a social engagement campaign, get it touch today.

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Profile updated 23 June 2015