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Visuals are the new language of consumers. Across the web, consumers are abandoning text and letting pictures & videos do the talking. SocialGlimpz’s Consumer Engagement Management (CEM) platform enables brands to engage in a meaningful dialogue with consumers through visuals. We are the first to offer the three essential pillars of CEM: consumer insights (understanding consumers), user generated content (speaking their language), and interactive campaigns (engaging them in two-way conversations) in a comprehensive platform that integrates seamlessly with a company’s existing CRM and Marketing Automation systems.

Companies ask a question, choose their audience and that’s it! We do all the rest from collecting and curating picture/video responses from mobile consumers, to processing the inputs using advanced data sciences (a virtuous combination of Natural Language Processing, Mobile Machine Sensing, and Image Analysis) enabling brands to take smarter product, content and communication actions in real time.

Finally, we make the consumer experience fun, engaging, and lasting thereby enabling companies to move beyond one off transactions to building deeper relationships

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Profile updated 25 September 2015