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In their own words provides cost-effective, worldwide media monitoring, measurement and analysis services for PR, marketing, corporate communications and competitive intelligence. The service monitors and measures news and all forms of social media for corporations, government agencies and not-for-profit organizations ranging from multinational companies to regional organizations.

Media Monitoring: provides all-in-one media monitoring and measurement. It monitors print, online, and broadcast news in 250+ languages in 191 countries. The service also monitors the most important social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and over 90 million blogs and message boards. It also monitors online video sources such as YouTube.

Media Measurement: With hundreds of different metrics and analytics, the dashboard offers today’s most advanced media analytics for PR and marketing. The service uses both automated software and human analysts to assess content of news and social media mentions for sentiment, messages and other qualitative factors. The dashboard is customizable to each client’s specific measurement needs and specifications and is able to connect media results to corporate goals. The dashboard also makes it easy for clients to create customized daily news digests for executives and managers.

While is a new brand starting in 2016, the company behind it has a distinguished history. Previously known as CyberAlert, the company was founded almost 20 years ago as one of the first media monitoring companies to focus on collecting media mentions from online news sources. remains committed to offering the most comprehensive media monitoring, the advanced analytics and unsurpassed customer support. in SMA news

Profile updated 2 October 2020