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Frrole is a social data-as-a-service startup with an ability to mine deep insights from social data. It enables its customers to integrate very precise real-time social content, insights and visualisations into their campaigns, digital products and TV shows. The value proposition is to build stronger customer relationships, and enhance engagement & reach by 5-10x.

Frrole has executed 100+ successful integrations with some of APAC’s largest media houses and brands like ESPN, Twitter, Disney, Village Cinemas Australia, Times Group, Maxus, Tata Group, Star TV, Snapdeal, Asian Paints and Saatchi & Saatchi among others.

The social intelligence engine that powers Frrole has the ability to analyze 100s of millions of universal data sets in realtime. For all these data sets, Frrole performs extensive analysis across semantic, metadata and statistical dimensions. It leverages standard and custom-built algorithms around ML, NLP, NER and clustering to do this analysis. While most Social Analytics/Intelligence products provide results based on statistics and the first level of NLP, Frrole goes two levels deeper building semantic context for each topic and tying it up with information available in the general and historical data sets.

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Profile updated 21 December 2015