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E.Life is the pioneer and leader in Latin America and Portugal in consumer-generated media monitoring and analysis. E.Life provides services to monitor the buzz about brands, products, marketing campaigns and related topics discussed by consumers in blogs, forums, photologs, videologs and other CGM spaces.

E.Life provides in-depth understanding of social media data on brands and company reputation through its proprietary customizable software, research methodology and market analysts expert in social media. The E.Life platform consists of two web-based applications, E.Life Buzzmonitor and E.Life Tweetmeter, plus a desktop application, E.Life Engine.

E.Life BuzzMonitor is used to monitor, analyze and generate reports on online word-of-mouth in real time. It covers the major services, such as Twitter, Orkut, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Yahoo Answers, and Quora. We also crawl blogs, consumer review sites, wikis, personal websites, and forums. E.Life Buzzmonitor is the main dashboard for our clients, providing both raw data and classified data, collected and tagged by an analyst with attributes such as sentiment, topics, user profile and service-oriented metrics (relevance, popularity, repercussion and engagement).

Main features:

  • Display volume and dispersion of online word-of-mouth about a brand or product.
  • Compare online word-of-mouth volume against competitors.
  • Filter analyzed data by sentiment, topic and sub-topics, user profile and any metrics and generate cross-referenced reports.
  • View influentials by topic, sentiment, services (Facebook, blogs, Twitter, etc).
  • Evaluate popular communities on sentiment and other features.

E.Life TweetMeter is for monitoring Twitter and interacting with other users. It includes over 20 reports, including top RTs, top locations, volume comparison, automated topic detection, top users by activity, and most representative tweet of the day.

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Profile updated 16 April 2014