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Dow Jones Insight: Measurement & Analysis that Propel Communications Success
As media channels multiply, understanding the impact of your global media outreach is increasingly a challenge. Dow Jones Insight offers consistent metrics across all media—print, online and social—and across all regions, enabling you to quickly and easily measure, analyze and demonstrate your true media footprint.

Proactively Monitor, Measure & Report Across All Media Platforms
Dow Jones Insight global content scope, unique and innovative technologies and key performance indicators help you to:

  • Accurately analyze your coverage globally
  • Discover brand opportunities and reputation risks
  • Demonstrate the value and ROI of your communications strategies with consistent metrics and reports
  • Identify and engage key influencers with targeted programs

Listen Strategically to the News & Buzz Affecting Your Reputation & Brands
Pinpoint and track the most influential journalists, bloggers, key influencers and sources covering your industry and issues.

  • Breaking news from Dow Jones and thousands of other traditional media sources
  • Millions of social media sources, including blogs, message boards and influential channels such as YouTube and Twitter
  • News and commentary from the world’s most significant Web sites

Powerful Tools that Measure the Value of Your Communications Programs
Dow Jones Insight’s media analytics tools simplify the measurement and reporting of your global communications strategies and outreach.

  • Understand communications performance with Dashboards that track your key metrics
  • Evaluate spokespeople, brand and message performance
  • Benchmark against your competitors’ coverage
  • Target areas for refinement and identify key successes with specific analysis modules

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Profile updated 16 April 2014