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The Darwin Awareness Engine™ is a SaaS application available on a monthly subscription basis for professionals who want to stay aware of what is happening in their areas of interest. You can see everything about your topic on a single page, revealing emerging themes, patterns among these themes and what is most being "talked about" in connection with the topic you are tracking. You can then decide what is most relevant to you. You can drill down to the actual items underlying these developments to learn more. It is not necessary to work your way through a linear display of published items or go through a series of separate feeds.

Darwin aggregates current information from the Web in real-time and presents emerging themes and the relationships between these themes. With Darwin, it is the user that determines what is relevant rather than machine algorithms. Using its unique technology, Darwin presents the information about what is going on in three inter-related ways. First, a temporal view of the themes that are emerging on the Web over a specified period of time is provided through the BuzzTape. This shows tags that are accelerating in connection with a defined topic. Secondly, with the ScanCloud, you see the relative importance of the top themes within a given time-frame. Finally, the previously invisible patterns among the themes are visualized through the ScanCloud to give you a better understanding of "whatʼs going on."

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