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Cogia Intelligence offers innovative solutions for web and social media monitoring, market research and competitive intelligence. Cogia was one of the first software companies which developed a unique semantic monitoring product that penetrates and structures the traditional web as well as the social media content. Its latest product, the Web Observer 3.0 is a powerful tool that detects the unexpected, and monitors and evaluates social media, specifically for the purposes of the corporate and brand communication, conducting opinion polls and trend research.

The tool offers scalable monitoring systems for search, interactive analysis, visualization and statistical evaluation incorporated into the processes. It helps businesses, market research organizations and agencies, to continuously collect data on the opinions of customers and citizens and enables them to respond promptly and proactively to the opportunities and risks identified with an automated monitoring of important issues.

Cogia added Engagement Console to the Web Observer 3.0 and now Cogia customers also can manage all of their social media channels on a single dashboard, create and comment on posts, sync all social media networks they need, schedule their posts in advance, view all photos and videos on the console and much more.

In addition, Cogia Intelligence offers CI Web audits that help understand what topics are being actively discussed across social media channels, identifies sentiment, emerging trends, as well as key opinion leaders, and evaluates social presence of company's competitors. Cogia also offers CI Reports on a weekly or monthly basis containing a continuous quantitative and qualitative analysis.

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Profile updated 21 January 2016