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Brandchats is a software tool that is used to monitor the presence of your brand in social networks. The tool can be easily configured to gather all the information relevant to your brand, your competition and all business-related keywords, monitoring and measuring in real time what is said in every social network—not just Twitter and Facebook, but Flickr, Picasa, YouTube, blogs and all forums or news sites.

Brandchats provides information about your brand and every brand you want to monitor. Whatever your level of presence Brandchats identifies what’s being said, where it’s being said, who’s saying it, their level of influence, and their geographical location. Brandchats identifies the language, evaluates if the associated sentiment is positive or negative and matches it with the brand’s unique concepts and values using keywords and intelligent semantics.

Brandchats provides trending information for designing, developing and improving corporate communication and branding strategies. On a tactical level it shows the effectiveness of communications on and off-line; it helps find influential individuals and groups with a dynamic social network; it discover trends within these groups, and helps create brand ambassadors to initiate the creation of communities.

The Brandchats technology is designed to integrate with all other corporate systems, meaning that the information collected can be used to add value to all departments, such as front-line sales and distribution, customer service or R & D.

Brandchats, intelligent Social Media Monitoring and Analytics.

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