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Blurrt is a leading social analytics and content-software platform. Blurrt allows users to collect, listen, showcase, anaylse and engage with their social audiences in real time.

Blurrt collects and processes thousands of social media posts in real time, using sophisticated search queries. Our platform allows users to surface interesting content in a fast and easy to use way, whilst our purpose built analytics provide measurable insights on such things as sentiment/emotional reaction, topics of conversation, volume of data, reach, gender demographics and geo-location.

Broadcast Media
Blurrt is a must-have tool for the broadcast media industry to exploit the social TV space. We help broadcast media engage with their audience with compelling social content.

Blurrt Insights allows producers to surface audience generated content quickly and easily:

  • for online/second screen use;
  • for show sponsors;
  • for social engagement; &
  • We do this in real time, 24/7.
Our Live app allows producers of live shows/events to tap into real time social conversations about the show/event. It's incredibly easy to use and allows real time tweets or graphics to be used on-screen and to run live Twitter hashtag polls.

For the first time a platform like Blurrt allows brands and advertising agencies to measure the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns in real time, allowing brands and Ad agencies to react and make informed decisions almost immediately.

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Profile updated 30 November 2015