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Bloom is a business intelligence platform that analyses discussions and engagement on social media with an unsurpassed breadth and depth of analysis, generating strategic insights for decision-makers. In contrast to social listening platforms, Bloom carries out rigorous and thorough community analysis.

We take full advantage of the fact that social media is not just a collection of documents, but a complex network. Namely, we collect and analyze all the relations between documents and actors, mostly ignored by the listening platforms. These relations are leveraged by our proprietary algorithms that allow us to properly detect, discover, quantify, and profile relevant communities, as well as to understand emotional and rational opinions, influence dynamics, and inter-community links.

Moreover, we combine this advanced technology with high-level consulting to deliver the most relevant insights, strategic recommendations, and activation data. Bloom has been working for corporate executive committees, public institutions, and media, who use Bloom to:

  • Refine positioning by discovering which aspects of the brand and its offers create the most value for its clients and prospects
  • Discover communication opportunities by identifying the most relevant communities
  • Enrich community understanding by learning about its centers of interest, attitudes, as well as emotional and rational opinions
  • Boost communication effectiveness by identifying the optimal audience-content synergy
  • Co-design products and services by illuminating their use, perception, and market trends
  • Construct reputation strategy by identifying the brand image strengths and weaknesses, friendly and threatening influence networks, as well as effective argumentation.

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Profile updated 13 October 2020