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London, UK

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One company, two arms: Black Swan Data and Fethr. Together we share the same mission: helping today’s businesses transform the way they create value from data using the power of technology, data science and prediction.

Black Swan Data understands and predicts consumer behaviour and trends more accurately and further ahead than anyone else. This is how we empower leading companies like PepsiCo, Unilever, Danone and Mondel─ôz to act smarter and faster to get to market first.

Fethr combines connectivity, data and predictive analytics to create superior travel experiences. Through our partnerships with Panasonic and Gate Group we help the world’s leading airlines improve their passenger satisfaction and increase profitability.

Since 2011 we’ve spread our wings across the UK, Hungary, the USA and South Africa and now employ 260 people (and counting) in our offices worldwide.

We’re data scientists, developers, insights consultants, analysts, designers, engineers and marketeers. But first, we’re entrepreneurs, driven by making the impossible possible. We believe in moving fast and breaking new ground. Using the most sophisticated data science and AI techniques around, our game-changing products and solutions are helping global companies answer tough questions. And it’s getting us noticed.

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Profile updated 7 April 2020