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In their own words

BirdSong is the world’s leading ‘pay as you go’ social media analytics tool. We offer on demand analytics for Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Active in over 100 countries, BirdSong can provide Twitter analytics including follower analysis & export, tweet analysis and best time to tweet reports.

Our Facebook insights allow you to analyse the engaged fan page, posts to the page and timeline analysis. Each report includes all Facebook posts with the ability to analyse your defined date range, export the report to PDF and all post data to CSV.

Instagram analytics can deliver insights on any account, analysing post performance, engaged audience and best time to post. Post performance can be analysed between a defined date range with report export to PDF and post data to .csv.

There is no limit to the size of account you can analyse, with a clear pricing based on number of fans or followers.

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Profile updated 14 June 2016