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The Audiense platform combines rich social data sources with the world’s leading cognitive and machine learning enabling you to understand the audiences that matter to your business.

Here at Audiense we offer 2 powerful products:

Audiense Insights: Reach beyond the social conversation to gather rich, real-time insights about the audience that matters to your business. Utilise our ‘Insights’ solution to:

  • Explore the different segments within each audience
  • Understand the common characteristics that bring these individuals together.
  • Competitive intelligence by comparing segments with baselines or other audiences.
  • Identify relevant online/ offline marketing channels to increase engagement and customer acquisition

Audiense Connect: Approach social marketing the smart way! Use our ’Connect’ solution to:

  • Create your own custom chatbots
  • Build and explore communities using the world’s richest audience insights
  • Carry out community analysis, management, advanced monitoring & listening
  • Understand Instagram at an individual level and extract community insights to help develop your Instagram strategy

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Profile updated 29 September 2020