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In their own words

ASOMO helps organisations to interpret and understand spontaneous opinion, aiming to achieve transformative success that benefits society.

The value our activities generate feeds diverse areas of knowledge: sociology, linguistics and information technology.

With more than 10 years in the market, ASOMO has become one of the sector leaders working with top brands like Coca-Cola, Royal Philips Electronics, Mazda Motor Europe or Danone.

Thanks to our clients and collaborators ASOMO can exclusively devote itself to research in the area of spontaneous opinion. This is why we offer a wide range of language analysis (English, French, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Chinese, Finish, Swedish, Norwegian etc.).

Among ASOMO services you may find:

  • ASOMO Discover. For you to consult spontaneous opinion.

    ASOMO Discover is an online application to allow stakeholders to discover and consult their social reality through a real-time view of spontaneous opinion.

  • ASOMO Evaluate. To obtain the most relevant conclusions.

    ASOMO Evaluate reports an instant audit of specific campaigns or social events, delivered in formats that are easy to distribute throughout the organisation.

  • ASOMO Advance. To anticipate currents of opinion.

    ASOMO Advance is a self-management tool that allows you to anticipate events occurring on the internet from the moment they occur in order to react in time.

  • ASOMO Act. To help you take action and share your success.
ASOMO presentations bring to life all the possibilities of the service: how to interpret and align the expectations present in spontaneous opinion with the products that are launched onto the market.

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Profile updated 16 April 2014