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amaSocial teaches you… social.

Having instant access to your social media data is vital when it comes to spotting trends, pinpointing the exact timeline of a crisis and identify patterns in how your audience is engaging with your brand or campaign. Our hourly insights groups your data into intervals, allowing you to compare data from one hour to the next on the online platform.

With our keyword tracking service, you’ll be able to monitor exactly how your brand, product, campaign or event is being mentioned on social media.

The content verification service lets you track your brand or influencers social media posts to ensure that they match your brand message and align with your social media strategy.

The ‚Äčengagement metrics help you measure the performance of each post so that you can create your own formula for success on social media

Free statistical reports are available on demand and show you the results of your social media activity. Get a summary of your brand’s performance, targets that have been reached and a list of potential influencers.

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Profile updated 28 September 2020