November 2020 Archives

November 29, 2020

Introducing a New Social Media Analysis

SMA relaunches with a new design and more content, including in-depth posts on new themes: The evolution of social media analysis; vertical markets; international markets; sources, methods & strategies; career & skills development.

November 29, 2020

The Value of Visual Insights

Visual content dominates the biggest social media platforms and usually doesn’t include text with the brands that appear in it. Visual analysis adds image recognition to social media intelligence, so brands can find and work with these mentions.

November 29, 2020

Find the Right Tone for Nostalgia Marketing Using Owned Data

Combine social media analysis with owned data to understand your brand's customers and the retro cultural references that will resonate with them.

November 29, 2020

Torabit Takes Over Scup for Sprinklr

Operational agreement transfers customers and employees

November 27, 2020

Software Updates, 27 November 2020

Audiense, Hypefactors, Locobuzz, Mention, Socialbakers

November 24, 2020

New Papers, 24 November 2020

Hootsuite, Knotch, Onalytica, Rival IQ, Socialbakers, Synthesio, V-tracker, Social Media Lab

November 23, 2020

Trufan Acquires

Audience analytics meets audience promotion and first-party data

November 23, 2020

Metigy Raises $20 Million AUD

Plans international growth

November 19, 2020

Software Updates, 20 November 2020

Cision, eBrandValue, MavSocial

November 17, 2020

New Papers, 17 November 2020

Cision, ListenFirst, NetBase Quid, Signal AI, Socialbakers, VISUA

November 12, 2020

Software Updates, 13 November 2020

BlueCamroo, Media Info Groep, Socialbakers, Sprinklr

November 10, 2020

New Papers, 10 November 2020

MediaWave, NetBase Quid

November 5, 2020

Software Updates, 6 November 2020

Buzzoole, Kolsquare, Socialbakers, Yonder

November 3, 2020

New Papers, 3 November 2020

Digimind, ListenFirst, Socialbakers


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