Upcoming Events, 7 August 2020

11 August - NetBase Quid webinar, #TRIGGERED: How Brands Can Be Proactive and Reactive to Their Audience’s Needs with Dalton Long (Moxie)

13 August - Ipsos / Synthesio webinar, Evolving With the Consumer: Learnings Uncovered Using Social Data for Staying Relevant in the COVID-19 Era

13 August - NetBase Quid webinar, How Social Listening Adds Value to Earned Media Efforts with Brandon Chestnutt (Identity)

18 August - NetBase Quid webinar, The Case for Innovation: Every Problem Is A People Problem with Laura Forester (Chemistry)

19 August - Signal AI webinar, Reputation Management: navigating turbulent times for long-term success with Jennifer Ogunleye (KPMG), Lindsay Ridell (Hotwire Global), and Stuart Thomson (BDB Pitmans)

19 August - Brandwatch webinar, Plant-Based Meat: Using Digital Consumer Intelligence to Guide Product Innovation with Alison Rabschnuk (Good Food Institute)

20 August - NetBase Quid webinar, Mapping Online Audience Behaviour with Opus with Cody LeBlanc (APCO)

25 August - NetBase Quid webinar, Reinvigorating a Classic American Brand: How Fitzco Made the Familiar Surprising and Earned a Shorty Award Nomination for French’s Mustard with Katy Tenerovich (Fitzco)

27 August - NetBase Quid webinar, Are We All Secretly Vegans? Consumer Product Demands in a New Plant-Based World with Roberto Salas (International Flavors And Fragrances)


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