Upcoming Events, 19 June 2020

24 June - Brandwatch webinar, How To Save Your Business From Bad Reviews: Practical tips to help boost your e-commerce revenue

24 June - Pulsar webinar, The New Normal Report #5: Gaming

24 June - Brandwatch / Social Intelligence Lab webinar, The Role of AI in Digital Consumer Intelligence

24 June - NetBase Quid webinar, Create a Winning Strategy with Consumer and Market Intelligence for a COVID-19 World and Beyond

24 June - Reuters webinar, Realizing a "New Norm" for Marketing: Customer Insights & Expectations with Jonathon Morgan (Yonder)

25 June - Digimind webinar, 6 Essential Uses for Social Listening: 6 Actionable Market Trends You Can Identify in 30 Minutes

25 June - NetBase Quid webinar, Summer 2020 Reopening: How to Prepare and Create the Right Brand Approach

25 June - Onclusive webinar, Owned Media & the Growth PR Playbook

25 June - QWAM webinar, Intelligence Artificielle, gestion et recherche d''information

25 June - Yonder webinar, Protecting Reputation from the Next Wave of Misinformation

25 June - YouScan event, Social Insights Pub Quiz

30 June - YouScan webinar, 7 real cases of social media intelligence

30 June - QWAM webinar, L'analyse des contributions clients et collaborateurs via l'Intelligence Artificielle

2 July - Ipsos / Social Intelligence Lab webinar, More Than a Soundbite: Storytelling Using Social Media Data

2 July - QWAM webinar, Ask'n'Read pour mieux connaître votre environnement stratégique, concurrentiel, marketing...avec l'IA et la sémantique

8 July - Social Data Summit

15 July - SAIL LABS webinar, Fake News & OSINT

22 July (Virtual) - CX Emotion


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