New Research Exploring Social Media Analysis Market

Hi, everyone. Nathan here. If you're interested in the kind of updates you find here at SMA, you'll want to know about a new research project I'm working on.

The project is a new analysis of the social media analysis market, considered both as a set of technologies and as a set of business practices. It starts with an online customer survey and a series of interviews with customers, agencies and software providers. I'll also add context from what I've learned while covering industry news here and watching the market since 2006.

The result will be a free report on the state of the market in late 2015, which will be released in November. I'm writing it for anyone in the process of making decisions about social media analysis in their organizations. Informally, I think of it as collecting the practical wisdom you might get if you took the right group of insiders out for dinner (and a few drinks). Details on the project are here.

What You Can Do
If monitoring or analyzing social media is your job and you don't work for one of the software providers, please take the survey. I'm looking for a cross-section of brands, corporate social media listeners and agencies, in all regions of the world, and your views matter.

I'm especially interested in what you have to say on the open-ended questions. And if you have too many opinions to type, I'm looking for more people to interview, too. The stories I'm hearing are great—like the one that shows when the CEO gets it; you're going to like that one.

For Those in the Industry
If your company sells social media analysis tools, I need your support, too. First, please help me get the survey in front of your customers. Everyone will benefit from what we can learn from each other, but only if enough people respond to the survey.

Second, you have opinions about how things are developing in the market. Now would be a good time to schedule a briefing. You can sell me on your vision, and I'll ask my questions about industry and customer trends.

Finally, making this report free is possible only because of sponsor support, and there are a few sponsor opportunities still available (the early slots went to companies on the industry-only mailing list). If you'd like to get your company's message in front of an audience that wants to learn about social media analysis, get in touch. As a curiosity, I'll send you a copy of the 2010 buyer’s guide, and we can talk about how much has changed since then—and what hasn't.


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