Software Updates, 21 December 2012

Recently announced software updates:

  • Brandwatch
    Group sharing, copy categories and rules between projects, query syntax highlighting (operators in colors), list of operators.

  • CrisisVu
    Dynamic Tweet Volume, Influence Index.

  • iMente
    User-defined quiet times for email alerts.

  • Netbreeze
    Improved sentiment analysis for German and English; new sentiment analysis for Spanish and Portuguese.

  • Syncapse
    Syncapse Platform 4.5: task reminders.

  • Sysomos
    Top hashtags report, Twitter account comparisons, sentiment comparisons for Twitter, geography comparisons for forums and news, correlation diagrams, UI.

  • Thismoment
    DEC 4.0.3: LinkedIn publishing & reports, Facebook Open Graph reporting, photo posting, content management, bulk downloads, schedule changes in YouTube privacy status, device type reporting for UGC, workflow.

  • Traackr
    Theme reports (manual tagging).

  • Unmetric
    Benchmarking, downloadable reports.


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