Software Updates, 16 November 2012

Recently announced software updates:

  • blueReport
    New reporting tool.

  • Dachis Group
    Collaborative reporting.

  • Dinamize
    Livebuzz: English UI, track Facebook likes and shares, subtags.

  • Engagor
    Real-time team activity updates, redesigned Publisher, inbox sorting.

  • Gnip
    New PowerTrack for Tumblr.

  • HootSuite
    Facebook features: demographic targeting, geofencing, and additional analytics in HootSuite Enterprise; in-stream private messages, search in dashboard, Facebook Stream real-time Likes and comments, event streams for all users.

  • Salesforce
    Engagement console, mobile app: One-click add to Salesforce.

  • Scup
    Twitter, Facebook page metrics; social media profiles linked to email addresses, updated reports, UI.

  • Social Report
    Real-time Twitter coverage.

  • Sprout Social
    iPad app.

  • Traackr
    Share of (Influencer) Voice report, real-time monitoring.

  • uberVU
    Folders for uberVU Signals, new alert option.

  • Viralheat
    Google+ Page management.


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