July 2010 Archives

July 29, 2010

Software Updates, 30 July 2010

Recently announced software updates: FirstRainFolder setup wizard. JamiqInfrastructure upgrades; user-selected default filters; expanded markets, sites, and media lists; automated translation. NetBaseConsumerBase: increased analysis throughput, stream widget, topic manager. NotecaUser-scored sentiment and spam removal, Twitter search, one-click reporting. UberVUMultiple Twitter accounts....

July 23, 2010

Conversition Makes a Game of SMA

Conversition released EvoPlay, a simple visual environment that is meant to make the idea of analyzing social media more accessible. blog post press release...

July 23, 2010

Software Updates, 23 July 2010

Recently announced software updates: BrandwatchChart component enhancements, new sentiment classifiers, improved Twitter coverage, UI tweaks. Crimson HexagonTwitter firehose integration. GnipGoogle Buzz firehose integration. Also supported by Collecta, OneRiot, PostRank, and Superfeedr. MutualMindMutualMind 1.3.2: near-real-time sentiment analysis, hourly activity charts, user-modified...

July 22, 2010

SentiMetrix Feeds Good News to Web Sites

SentiMetrix announced Good Publicity, a new service that provides a filtered RSS feed of positive brand mentions in online traditional and social media. blog post...

July 15, 2010

Software Updates, 16 July 2010

Recently announced software updates: NetBaseConsumerBase: more sound bites, grouping of similar emotions and behaviors, companies and products, improvements to the highlight widget. ObjectiveMarketernew UI, follower/fan management, new reporting interface, APIs. OvertoneOpenMic 5.3: hybrid text analysis engine, multiple word analyses and...

July 9, 2010

Buzzient, Interactive Intelligence Link SMA to Contact Centers

Buzzient and Interactive Intelligence have announced a partnership to deliver integrated SMA, message routing, and reporting. press release...

July 8, 2010

Software Updates, 9 July 2010

Recently announced software updates: BrandwatchGraph component, new sentiment classifiers in English and Spanish, more German social media and review sites. ObjectiveMarketerWhite-label options....

July 6, 2010

Marketwire Acquires Sysomos

Marketwire announced its acquisition of Sysomos today. Sysomos products will continue to be available under the Marketwire brand. Terms of the deal between the privately held companies were not disclosed. SMA's acquisitions scorecard press release Marketwire blog Sysomos blog...

July 1, 2010

Software Updates, 2 July 2010

Recently announced software updates: BuzzNumbersBuzzNumbers 8: real-time data updates, new UI, geolocation within Australia, topics, sentiment, report generator, additional sources. GnipFacebook Graph API feeds leave beta. justSignalSignalMonitor: data export options. LexalyticsSalience 4.3: opinion mining, query-based entities, tagging, additional sources. NetBaseConsumerBase:...


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