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Synapsify is a content ratings company helping social media platforms, analysts and brands save time and get better insights from online conversations and written content. Our patented emotional intelligence technology analyzes the sound, metaphor and narrative in text to support filtration, the delivery of insights and the curation of social media commentary.

The Synapsify API is simple to use and delivers highly accurate auto-tags and ratings that help scale moderation and content marketing teams. It is adaptive, intelligent software that empowers our clients to easily separate the “signal” from the "noise" and focus on the most meaningful and opinion-rich content that results in more accurate and effective insights and analysis.

Our API and Excel-based reports give you a complete rating of quotes and themes that are the most newsworthy and best represent the voice of the customer. And, our professional services team is available to help you configure the software and interpret the analysis to achieve the most actionable insights available.

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Profile updated 12 May 2014